The following author has provided me with this fan fiction account written regarding the Dune Universe.  Below is a bio he sent to me.

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    "I am Marco van Leeuwen (principal construction of this unit was completed on
January 25th, 1976), an unusual person on the Net and downright odd in real
life - but in a decidedly non-threatening way (don't worry, I'm harmless).
One of the oddities I like to indulge in is philosophy (because there is
nothing so strange as a consequenceless heap of protoplasm, cartilage and
mucus attempting to understand himself), another the written word. I also
like Katie Holmes, Transformers (the toys, not the electrical devices) and
chocolate, but that is currently beside the point.
    Since I'd love to be an actual, honest-to-gosh writer one day, I decided to
construct the thing you're about to start reading: one of the texts with
which I intend to express my (almost) boundless admiration of Frank Herbert
and his wonderful Dune Chronicles. I sincerely hope there are a few people
out there with strong enough stomachs to endure the madness that I felt
compelled to unleash upon the electronic page, and make it all the way to
the end of the 43th part.
    Don't hesitate to contact me at <> to let me know -
naturally in a calm and civil manner - how much you'd like to kick my ass
for abusing Frank's creations the way I did, but I honestly hope what I came
up with manages to entertain and/or stimulate you somehow. If, like me, you
love Dune, Twin Peaks and The Sandman (comic book series by Neil Gaiman),
you might like my story. Or not."
-Marco van Leeuwen