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I’ve been born and live in Padova, a city near Venice, Italy. After having taken classical studies (ancient Greek and Latin, philosophy and history), I’ve begun to study japanese language and history in the University of Ca’Foscari, in Venice. Drawing has always been my passion, even if I never actually took artistic studies. Frank Herbert is my favorite writer: I’m collecting all of his books I’m able to find, not only the Dune series but also books like ‘The Eyes of Heisenberg’ and short tales, which in an italian edition have been gathered together in a book titled ‘La strada per Dune’ (The Road to Dune), which includes, as well as ‘The Road to Dune’, a collection of tales such as ‘Dragon in the Seas’ ‘Seed Stock’ ‘The tactful Saboteur’ and ‘A Matter of Traces’, which are, in my opinion, simply splendid. I also love such novels as the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett and the tales of Elric by Michael Moorcock. Last but not least, I’m a great fan of Neil Gaiman. As a rule, I try to read books in their native language, if I manage to find them. Fortunately, there’s a very nice bookshop in my city, which is specialized in foreign books. I’m happy to have found and joined this community dedicated to Dune. Bi-la kaifa!